New York, New York – 4 trends from fashion week by Koko Rose Boutique

It was New York Fashion Week just last week, and this coming week sees London take the reigns as the fashion hub of the world. Each bi-annual fashion week (across London, New York, Paris and Madrid – to name a few) sets the precedent for the following season. This time it’s all about Spring and Summer. So, while most of us are getting our heads around what to wear for Fall 2016, the movers and shakers in the fashion industry are doing the big reveal on their Spring/Summer 2017 lines.

New York typically opens with a punch thanks to the weight of Victoria Beckham, Kanye West (fast becoming a credible fashion designer) and Alexander Wang. Of course, it takes an educated eye to sieve through all the trends and predict what will carry the most weight next year but, thankfully, we have such an eye. Here is what New York says we can expect:


Orange Is The New Black

It’s very rare that you can back a trend as a sure-bet without first letting London and Paris support it. However, New York was advocating the colour orange with such conviction that it really leaves us in no doubt as to which colour will epitomise next Spring. Victoria Beckham, Jenny Packham and DKNY all confidently showed orange on their runways, leaving no doubt about the colour’s serious fashion influence in 2017.

Don’t worry if orange isn’t really your thing as there will be so many soft interpretations, from coral to apricot. Although, if orange IS your thing – then how about this Kim Skater Dress before stocks are gone?

Kim orange skater dress

Statement Sleeves

It’s been fashionable to show your shoulders this Summer, so it’s almost predictable that fashion would do a U-turn and bring back the sleeve. Yes, sleeves are back – but not as we know them. Think of ruffle details (as shown at Michael Kors) or full-on heavy construction (as designed by Proenza Schouler). However you choose to interpret it, there is no denying the fact that sleeves are serving only to be talked about. The Fiona Black Dress is on trend, which pays homage to the importance of sleeves by shaping them with scallop edges

Fiona black Dress

Statement Florals

It’s almost cliché to mention Spring and Summer and then drop in a floral trend, after all it seems to be there on one continuous loop. However, what serves to make 2017’s floral trend exceptional is the groovy interpretation. Every year the fashion world threatens to go retro, this year they obvious mean it. Think of bold and vivid flower prints in acid yellows and limes. You will find no dress that better epitomes everything that ‘Statement Florals’ is about than this Jodie Green Dress.

Jodie Green Floral Dress

Summer Sequins

Bling is generally best reserved to Winter, particularly a sequin which is so representative of the Christmas and party season. However, in New York, Rodarte scoffed at this stereotype when it comes to sequins and unveiled a collection of sequin covered outfits in pale pinks, golds and creams. The design house showed absolute faith in the power of a summer sequin by even styling the model’s hair with them. The interpretation was ethereal, romantic and very beautiful – death to the flower crown.


To get the look shop this Jessica Pink jacket quick, before the rest of the world catches on to the seasonless potential of sequins.

Jessica Pink Jacket

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